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This past weekend we marked six months of marriage. It seemed like the first two months passed v e r y  s l o w l y and then the next four flew by.

I wasn’t really expecting things to be much different come October 28. We had already lived together for a year and spent holidays and vacations together. We hadn’t run into major problems, and there weren’t really any of those shocking realizations they say happen when you move in together, like dirty socks getting left on the floor (he is actually neater than I am).

But almost as soon as we got married I felt like something had happened. I guess on a subconscious level, there had been a sense that we were playing house, and either one of us could give up and take off the apron at any time. After marriage I felt noticeably more settled, because now it was official and written down and forever. And the love; it’s like feeling something that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Like a hug that is about to explode and a smile you can’t wipe off your face. Even though we dated for 5+ years before the wedding, there is something about crossing that threshold that sets the relationship on a path of exponential growth.

I hear this is the “honeymoon” year, and it’s been really nice so far. And considering we started our actual honeymoon during a catastrophic hurricane (that’s you, Sandy), and even though we got to Hawaii four days late, we kept smiling. There are some big problems in the world, and I’m taking each day, each moment of this marriage as an opportunity to put someone else ahead of myself and count my blessings. Like when we get stuck at airports for six hours, I say let’s just pour another glass of wine and enjoy the fact that we’re stuck with each other.

^^ Yes our reception was at a castle. We're a regular Will and Kate.

^^ Yes our reception was at a castle. We’re a regular Will and Kate.

To my married friends, what was the biggest realization of your first year? And to everyone, I’d love to hear a sweet story from your relationships.