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treesIt’s sad enough that the holidays are over (and I should probably get past that, as it’s been practically a month now) but if you live in New York, you get the added grievance of passing hundreds of Christmas trees abandoned on the sidewalk for weeks on end.

I don’t know why they don’t get picked up with the trash, or when they’ll finally get taken, but it hurts my heart a little bit to step outside each morning and see our banished Christmas tree – affectionately known as ‘Douglas’ to us – lying there on the side of the road, browning, drying up, with our little pine wreath nestled against his trunk. I take some solace in the fact that he is flanked by a good four or five evergreen friends. But it still bothers me to see all these once-joyful reminders of the season cast aside, making it even more difficult to get on with the business of wishing for spring.

I grew up with an artificial tree, so putting it away for the year was more of a “so long, see you later” than a goodbye. But on my husband’s insistence, we’ve become a Real Tree family (I didn’t argue, as we don’t have any room to store a fake tree anyway). Does anyone else feel a little sad about just tossing out your tree, knowing that next year it will look different and smell different and cost a whole other $75? There is something really special and magical about going out to get your tree, I’ll admit, bringing it home and seeing the personality it brings to our tiny living room. But I sure do miss it when it’s gone!

What about you — are you in the real or artificial tree camp?