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winter window2

This week is technically my one-year blogiversary, but given my extended absence I’m not really counting it. Since my last post, the months have been filled with adjusting to a new job, celebrating my little sister’s wedding, sending her off to her new home in Oklahoma, traveling to Seattle and Texas twice, and of course the holidays. We’ve had serious conversations about when and where to have babies and buy a house, gone over our budgets and plans from every angle and did some tweaking, joined a wine club (that may seem counter-intuitive to the other two discussions, but we made sure the “misc” spending category covered it), visited with our extended families for a week, dreamed about summer vacations on a beach, caught up with friends we don’t see nearly enough, and whittled down our stack of unread magazines and books on our coffee table ever so slightly.

I apparently needed a little extra breathing room to process all that, but now, in the dead of winter, my fingers are itching to get back to the keyboard and my mind keeps me up at night with too many ideas that need to get down on the page.

I hope the last four months have treated everyone very well. Expect to see a lot more of me around these parts very soon :)