Clearly I’ve spent a little more time pinning than blogging this past week. Here are my most entertaining finds:

Helpful tablet stand for the kitchen — rather than perching my iPad on top of the microwave and hoping I don’t knock it into any food.

DIY Kitchen Tablet Holder

Easy diy cupcake stand that will always match the party decor

Great - Inexpensive Idea. Make a cupcake stand out of boxes. Wrap boxes to match your party decorations and add ribbon

A summer beverage that I wish I’d found before August

Southern Shandy - Light beer mixed with lemonade and peach brandy. Perfect hot day sipping cocktail.

A funny t-shirt that makes me feel old

I don't know who to get this for, but someone will love it.

Not sure how practical this is, but I can just see a collection of different colored betas on the bookshelf

Wine Bottle Betta Fish Tank Aquarium...too cute and creative!

And a little inspiration


What’s the best idea you’ve seen on Pinterest lately?