staycationI’m having a little staycation this week. The weather is perfect and I’ve definitely been in need of some sleep and relaxation. So far, I’ve come to realize that there’s a certain pattern to my days off. It’s a mixture of mundane and lazy, wherein I do a lot of typical, regular activities in grander scale. What’s missing is those bigger ticket items, those museums and cultural activities and beach days that take advantage of where I am and treat the week like a real vacation.

But I’ll cut myself a little slack, since I have taken a lot of trips this year already, and have a weekend in Seattle planned for the fall. Maybe I really just need to recharge my batteries? Plus I’m going to a concert tonight — that’s certainly out of the norm!

So what I have I been doing?

Cleaning. I use days off to tackle both those overwhelming tasks that aren’t part of the regular chore rotation, like washing windows and scrubbing the oven, as well as sneaking in a couple loads of laundry.

Baking. I also spend a lot more time in the kitchen. This week I’ve made banana muffins, a blueberry pie and pulled pork. An entire day can go by with me in the kitchen, and at some point I suddenly realize it’s time to turn the lights on because it’s gotten very dark.

Making appointments. Today I went to the dentist. My mouth is very clean but ouch is it sore (no cavities though!). Some people take the approach that they’ll sneak appointments in during the work day, no problem. I certainly do my fair share of that when needed, but when I have a day off I like to load up on check-ups. I happen to enjoy go to the doctor, and it’s so much better without the stress of trying to get back to work.

Reading, TV, blogs, repeat. I love to read, and have an ever-growing stack of both books and magazines on the coffee table. There’s also all sorts of important Bravo and HGTV to catch up on. I feel like I have to take advantage of every spare minute of my days off doing these things, which I don’t get much time for on work days. Sometimes I get caught in a frantic little pattern of doing each of these activities for 45 minutes then feeling like I need to move on to the next.

Perpetual To-Dos. The downside: I spent four hours uploading pictures for printing. The upside: I have five years’ worth of photos on their way to me to organize into albums! There is something so nice about having tangible photos. I should start making this a yearly project, then maybe it won’t take so long.

How do you spend days off?