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Is it just me, or has July felt about three months long? I can’t believe we still have a full week left to go! So since we last spoke, a lot of wonderful things have happened, like:

1. An afternoon at the Yankees game. First one of the year. The Yankees lost, but we were sitting in the shade and had huge beers and found it it be a very pleasant way to spend a heat wave.

2. Visiting far-away family. D’s sister and her family traveled from out west to come visit in Boston, so we spent a weekend playing with babies. We were exhausted after just the two days, but man are they cute.

3. A new job. Yes, I am moving on and up from my current job, where I’ve been for a few years now. I am ::so:: excited for something new. But job searching et al really ate up my blogging time.

4. D turned 27. And I made what is becoming a yearly tradition – a Guinness Cake with Bailey’s frosting. It was pretty close to divine. We ate it for a week straight.

5. Swimming! We spent a Saturday at a backyard pool and it was amazing. My wish for this summer was to swim somehow – in an ocean or a pool or, during those 100+ degree days, even a bathtub. Since Paris was our summer vacay this year we don’t have plans to hit up any beaches. So a couple hours in the pool was just what I needed.

And with that, is July almost over now?!?

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month?