Hope everyone is refreshed from a long weekend (and hope you all had long weekends?). I’ve been a little remiss on the blogging front, but it’s 98% because I spent every spare minute reading The Newlyweds. I think I started it on Wednesday and finished it yesterday afternoon. I had seen it recommended, and okay, I’m maybe still a little obsessed with things having to do with marriage. Verdict: HIGHLY recommend.

So, brief synopsis: Amina and George meet online, and Amina moves from her native Bangladesh to Rochester, NY to marry him. Her plan is to bring her parents over after she becomes a citizen and make a new life for them all. The novel traces the relationships between husband and wife, in-laws and neighbors. It also explores the juxtaposition of two worlds, and belonging to both and neither at the same time.

It had the potential to be trite. I was prepared for half-drawn characters and rote old-world-meets-new-world plot points. But it was none of that. Amina and George were developed and three-dimensional, holding taught the ropes of love and responsibility. Their attitudes and motivations were believable, and while I expected George to be the bitter and demanding man looking for a foreign bride, I actually liked him quite a bit.

My only complaint is that the book ended too soon. I wanted to continue to follow these characters, peeking into their lives on the rest of their journey.

Let’s hope my next two books on hold at the library get here quickly!

What’s the best book you’ve read lately?