’s a very sad day. It is the end of the last week of Google Reader. I still can’t understand why the powers that be chose to discontinue the much-beloved feed aggregator, but am moving slowly toward acceptance. I have BlogLovin’ set up and ready to go, so we’ll see what Monday brings.

On the other hand, luckily, it is Friday. So, I guess I’m a little bit happy :) Plans for tonight include an outdoor concert and happy hour with friends, pizza (because what else do you eat on a Friday?) and a good night’s sleep to hopefully quash the end of this jet lag. Also a little bit of reading of book three on my summer list. Sidenote: Is there anything better than walking out of the library with a stack of books?!

Links I love this week…

Scrap that last NYC to-do list and focus on this one instead

Ingenious way to store cut up vegetables

I’ll be making this salmon for dinner this weekend

I’ve been seeing these shirts advertised all over — think they work?

Tangerine champagne float

Have a great weekend!

(p.s. With the end of Google Reader, you can follow me on BlogLovin’ or any other reader – the buttons are right up there ^ )