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Okay, the jet lag is setting in now. But luckily my first day back to work was smooth! I felt like I’d been gone a very long time.

So, the rest of our vacation….

On Wednesday we packed up and left our perfect little hotel room (I still miss it) and rented a car to drive north to Normandy. The driving-a-car-in-a-foreign-country experience was interesting; luckily they still drive on the righthand side over there. In our attempt to take the non-toll road, we ended up adding about an hour to our trip and exchanged some tense words, but after that jag the rest of the trip went much better! (And yes, we took the highway with tolls on the way back).

We’re both history buffs, and really wanted to visit the D-Day beaches — and it may have been the best day of our whole week. The different sites are spread along a ~20 mile or so span, from the port used to deliver supplies, to German bunkers sprinkled throughout the hills, to the bomb-scarred cliffs that the rangers scaled, the American and German military cemeteries, and of course the landing beaches. The experience was surreal, overpowering. It almost felt like being in a life-size version of Risk. I still can’t fathom the planning and coordination it took, and the perseverance to march on to Paris and win the war.

While in Normandy we stayed in a cute little town and feasted on the local delicacies of Camembert and cider. Then Friday we headed back to Paris (if you’re keeping count, this would be hotel #3), where it just so happened to be the day of the summer music festival! DJs and bands were set up every few blocks (or closer) throughout the city, and everyone was out in the streets. We had dinner up in Montmartre, and the next day we did some souvenir shopping to round out the trip.

Then came the bonus cherry-on-top to our vacation…a pint in Dublin! We had a 12-hour 10pm-to-10am layover in Dublin on our way home, and after checking in to hotel #4 we hopped on a city bus into Dublin and staked out a couple barstools. D studied abroad in Ireland, and he had such a ridiculous grin on his face the whole time.

Then it was time to go home. And as much as I loved getting to sleep late and lounge around and eat fabulous food, it’s good to be back. And reintroduce vegetables, whole grains and non-alcoholic beverages back into my diet.

IMG_0913On our way


Town of Bayeux


Outside a bunker


A moment of beauty – wildflowers everywhere!


Omaha Beach


Back in Paris. NYC love.


View from Montmartre


Classic Dublin

A great way to start out the summer! Our next trip(s) are for back-to-back-to-back weddings in September, but first to enjoy July and August :)