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Friday already? This was a busy week (as evidenced by the lack of posting…). We were out of town the last two weekends and are about to be gone for the next two, so this week was a lot of scrambling to catch up. It’s taking some effort to even remember all that’s happened, but here are five of the best.

We’ll start with an easy one:

1. Vacation! Specifically, vacation in France! We’re just one overnight flight away from the tres chic lifestyle

2. Husbands who clean – Last night in the midst of packing and finishing up last-minute work, D tidied up the whole apartment. I *hate* leaving when the place is dirty, and this was SO appreciated.

3. Taco Salads – We made our first one of the summer last night. So easy – just throw all the ingredients of a taco onto a generous bed of lettuce – and you don’t even need much salad dressing since the meat seasoning makes everything taste good.

4. Organizing my closet (Part I) – In a spurt of energy last week, right before bed I changed over my dresser from winter clothes into summer, refolded everything, then cleared eight things out of my overcrowded closet to donate. Oh, it felt good. I know there’s a lot more that should be done, so stay tuned for parts II and III.

5. Pay day – Perhaps money is on my mind since this trip seems to be costing an arm and a leg a tad more than I expected, but I love when mine and D’s pay days fall in the same week (we get paid on difference schedules). Feels like our bank accounts are so full!

 What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?