I figure myself to be pretty adventurous when it comes to food. I’ll try everything once, and I’m not afraid to order things that involve strange parts of animals or vegetables I’ve never heard of. I think oysters and clams are fabulous, and brussels sprouts are among my favorite things ever. Bottom line, I love food! But there some more or less staples, some basics that seem to pop up everywhere, that I just have no taste for. I actually have a strong aversion to most of these things, but because of their commonness I wish I liked them.

What are they? Well….

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1. Mushrooms. Ugh. I just cannot stand their texture. I don’t mind a mushroom flavored sauce or soup, I just can’t eat the real thing.

2. Parsley. This one seems kind of silly – it’s just an herb, right? – but I can tell if there’s parsley in something by the first bite. And I don’t like it.

3. Fennel. Licorice was never my thing. Perhaps this is why I’m also not too fond of Italian sausage.

4. Chard. With some heavy olive oil or mixed into a sauce I’ll eat it, but it can taste so bitter. Kale is a little bit better, but I don’t *love* it like some people seem to. Because dark leafy greens are so good for me, I wish I actually liked these things and could enjoy eating them a little more.

5. Eggplant. Is it just me, or does it tastes like a sponge? Fried up a la eggplant parm with LOADS of marinara sauce is great, but sauteed eggplant is not my thing. It probably doesn’t help that in our kitchen we seem to either burn it or undercook it (yes, I keep trying).

6*. Salmon. This one gets an asterisk. I eat salmon, I even order it at restaurants, but I can’t say I really like the taste. Again, it needs a good sauce for me to devour it. Smoked salmon, though, is a different story — yum.

What foods do you wish you liked?