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Paris!! We leave Friday after work and will be there a week. I haven’t been back since my time studying abroad there six years ago, and I am beyond excited. At the same time it’s kind of crept up on us, so realizing that we are just four days away from leaving is a wonderful surprise.

I really think Paris is the most beautiful city I’ve even been to. The buildings look just like the Playmobil Victorian dollhouse I had growing up. Though, I hear the lone Starbucks that was there six years ago now has some more company…

We are staying in the Latin Quarter, which is pretty near the center of town and my old stomping grounds. We have plans to do a lot of walking around, lounging in parks, drinking cafe au lait and eating baguettes, frequenting art museums, and of course enjoying good food and wine. I’ve been reading some novels (er…children’s chapter books) in French to try to dust of my language skills. It’s been rough, but I think I’ll at least be able to attempt some light conversation.

Now to get through a few more days of work!

This is our big vacation for the year (before kids is the time to travel, right??) What trips do you have planned?