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After a three day weekend, this week remarkably flew by (usually short weeks crawl because I expect them to feel short). Must be that lovely summer weather that’s finally made an appearance! Here are my highlights:

ice cream

1. The first ice cream cone of the year – After doing lots of chores on Monday, we went out for a long walk and some ice cream in the afternoon. It was beautiful weather, and we hit up our favorite ice cream stand, Uncle Louie G’s, which we hadn’t been to since last May (!) (I remember this because it was after the Brooklyn Half Marathon 2012, and we were away basically every weekend after that for wedding things). I had coconut and it was everything I’d been waiting for.

2. Making our own Chinese food I found this recipe for crock-pot beef and broccoli on Pinterest a few months ago. Beef and broccoli is my favorite thing to order at Chinese restaurants, but because of all the grease and calories that come with it, I don’t do it very often. This is such an easy diy way. I will caution that it doesn’t taste exactly the same – a little more like actual beef and broccoli than fried deliciousness, but it still hits the spot.

3. Roomie/bridesmaid’s birthday – This week was my roommate of five years (2 in college and 3 in Brooklyn)/bridemaid’s birthday, so we had a little party on a roof deck after work one evening. It was fun to see her, she’s heading out to CA for the summer in just a few days!

4. Warmth – Today it’s supposed to be 90 degrees. It feels glorious right now after low 50s last weekend. I wonder how long before it feels stifling…

5. Going back to college – For our five year reunion, that is. We splurged and rented a car and will be driving up this afternoon. I’m really excited but also kind of nervous — my liver isn’t as young as it used to be (this about sums it up). I also think Facebook kind of changes the parameters of a reunion; you already basically know what’s been happening with everyone! But I’m excited to revisit the alma mater and party like it’s 2008.

Links I love this week….

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Have a great weekend! Any fun plans?