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At the beginning of the year, we made a list of six things we wanted to make sure to do in New York City in 2013. Most are things that have been on our perpetual “we should really try this” list for the past three or four years (yikes!), so we decided we needed to solidify them with pen + paper if we wanted to have any chance of actually getting to them.

So how many have we done now that it’s, oh, halfway through the year? Well, none. But we’re blaming it on the long winter and rainy spring and how we really needed to just hunker down in Brooklyn to get through those seasons. But now that there are four straight days of 80s temps and sunshine, I think it’s time to get our butts in gear. Hold me accountable, please?

Here’s our list:

  • See a Broadway show – we haven’t been to one in a couple years, and what a shame! We’ve had a minor setback though; this was supposed to be The Book of Mormon, but tickets are still ridic expensive. Any suggestions for a substitute?
  • Eat at Roberta’s – famous Williamsburg (Bushwick?) pizza place. We took a pizza making class with the chefs once and it was delicious.
  • Have a cocktail at the Russian Tea Room – I can’t be the only one who’s wanted to do this since seeing it on Gossip Girl? It feels so NYC frou-frou, I just have to try it for a drink.
  • Go to the Tenement Museum – highlights NYC’s immigrant history. I hear it’s so interesting. Plus, I’d much rather this than wait in those enormous lines to Ellis Island!
  • Visit an art museum – this one is vague, but there are so many museums I haven’t been to yet (ahem…the Met…) and so many new exhibits at the ones I have been to. Time to get some culture into me.
  • Run up the west side of Manhattan – we’re getting a little tired of doing loops in the nearby park. This sounds like a unique way to see the city.

If we’re successful, we’ll be setting these little goals each year to make sure we fully appreciate living here, for however long that may be. Wish us luck!

Any suggestions for our next year’s list? What have you always wanted to do in New York City?