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Hi all, apologies for the hiatus! Between running, traveling, and coming down with the worst spring cold (flu?) I’ve ever had, this week has been a blur. But there have been some highlights – here are my top five of the week:

1. PR’ing our Half Marathon – Yep, we set a new personal record of 1:47 and change. We were happily surprised! I definitely felt pretty tired and the last few miles were a struggle, but I guess that means we were pushing ourselves. Now to find another one to put on the calendar.

2. Seeing the extended family – We spent the weekend with my aunts, uncles and cousins celebrating my sister’s engagement. There were a lot of cocktails that maybe weren’t the best way to rehydrate after the race, but overall it was a very fun time to catch up with relatives we don’t see all that often.

3. Finding the most amazing birthday card – It was my SIL’s birthday this week, and since getting married I have taken over card duties. As a little background, D’s family has an inside joke that his sister would always make on car rides (it has to do with cows in a field) and the rest of the family would groan. I happen to find the pun hilarious, for the record. Anyway, after looking in four card stores, just as I was about to give up and go with something generic, I found a birthday card WITH THIS EXACT JOKE printed inside. I am still in awe this card exists. It really made my week.

4. Having a husband who knows his way around the kitchen – He’s always been the better cook, but usually I pitch in with dinner, and we alternate nights of doing the dishes. Well this week when I was knocked out with that cold for a few days, he was a champ taking care of me and taking on basically the whole week of dishes.

5. It’s a long weekend! I guess technically this hasn’t happened yet…but I’m crossing my fingers the office is closing early.

Have a great weekend! Any fun plans?