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Recently I’ve found myself drawn to vintage 50s and 60s style dresses. Maybe the return of Mad Men has something to do with it, or hipster New York is rubbing off on me, but I’ve pretty much fallen for half of ModCloth’s store.

I’m on a search now for something to wear to my sister’s engagement party later this month (it’ll be a low-key, backyard and cocktails type affair) and this silhouette is what I’m after. I love the A-line skirt and the top that shows off the arms but is totally demure and feminine. Maybe with a ribbon around the waist?

Kate Dress

I also really like these, maybe for the party or maybe even for work.


shoes collage

I think they look so put together and structured, with just the perfect touch of sweetness.

What’s your favorite era/style?

Dresses 1, 2, 3 and shoes 1, 2, at ModCloth.com