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I can’t believe it’s already been a week since we got on that plane, said sayonara to the frigid east coast and took off, a few hours late, to the west. It was an active trip — D had never been to California, so we made sure to hit up as many of the sites as we could. We also have a few friends who moved out there, so we lined up some dinner dates.

We started out in Sacramento, where D’s sister and brother-in-law live. After a six hour (!) flight delay in New York due to bad weather and our pilot clocking out after working too many hours, we finally landed at 3 am PT. Yah, we were a little tired for the duration of the trip, but at least we made it. And we were comped wine on the plane for our wait, so that helped lift our spirits.

Saturday morning we took a day trip to the Tahoe area, and my SIL and I went antiquing and wine tasting while the husbands played golf. I found a wonderful silver platter for $16; it looks just like the one my mom has, the one I always associate with serving the Christmas ham. It’s my favorite souvenir of the trip, and with a quick polish should be ready to go.


Not a bad view


If I played golf, I would be all over this

After a low-key evening of tacos and Coronas, we went to sleep early. The next morning, we were up and ready to go to Napa, where we started with a tour of Beaulieu Vineyard and a reserve tasting (courtesy of a Living Social deal). The weather was perfection, sunny and high 70s with no humidity at all. I remember standing there, listening to the tour guide and thinking just how peaceful it all was, how relaxed and (literally) thousands of miles away from work I felt. It was such a serene afternoon full of warm sun and breathtaking views. We stopped at two more vineyards before yielding to the growing heat and going back to our “condo” for the night.


I’m a red kind of girl

Interestingly, we were actually heading towards Geyserville. No sign of Old Faithful, though

Interestingly, we were actually heading towards Geyserville. No sign of Old Faithful, though


Me and D and a beautiful view

Also part of the Living Social deal, what was billed as a condo was a little trailer, with a tiny bed, bath and kitchen. It was actually quite cute, in a park of about 100 of them, but we found it pretty funny when we pulled up. We decided to stay there instead of heading back to Sacramento, since we were already half way to San Francisco. We grilled up some hot dogs and hamburgers and sat outside on the porch talking.

Then after sleeping like rocks, we got up to head to the big city, San Fran…

Part II, San Francisco coming soon!