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This weekend was one of my favorite kinds, involving lots of cooking and baking and staying in the neighborhood. Apple cinnamon pancakes, greek orzo salad, fudgy brownies, eggs and polenta. Luckily there was another 8.5 mile run to offset it, some leisurely walking down the street and wandering into our favorite shops, and even a haircut for the husband (he may say my haircuts are expensive — which would be true — but he needs them so much more often, so we’re even).

Today looks to be even sunnier and shinier than yesterday, so we’ll see where it takes us. Maybe some lattes sipped on the sidewalk? Some reading on our balcony? Probably not quite that warm yet…but we did look up the weather for San Francisco, and it’s safe to say that next weekend will involve shorts and sandals.

Some links I’ve been loving this week – GIF edition

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How was your weekend?