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One week from today, I’ll be getting on a plane to California. It’s our first vacation since the honeymoon, and I can’t wait! We’re first heading to Sacramento, where D’s sister and brother-in-law live. After a day of relaxing, we’ll head to Napa, and then to San Francisco for a few days.

I’ve been to San Francisco once before, with my family the summer after freshman year of college. D has never been to California at all. I remember the last time I went I was convinced I wanted to live there — everything was so different and new, and the weather was perfectly sunny. Sometimes I meet West Coast-ers at conferences or on business trips, and they just seem so laid back and cool. And I’m reminded of why moving to Cali sounds like such a great idea…

We are very excited to head to warmer weather, wine taste a day away, see family, and be a little tourist-y in SF. We have no real set plans yet, which is rare for me, so we’ll just see where our days take us!

Any must-do recommendations for SF?