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I’ve been thinking a lot about generosity lately. In a city of 8 million people, it’s easy to find moments to be generous. Buying a coffee for the person next to you in line. Giving up your seat on the subway or in a waiting room so someone else can rest. Helping a mother carry her stroller up the stairs, when you’re late to work and are ready to just rush on your way. Small things that happen every day.

It’s even easier to find excuses, telling yourself that somewhat else will step up. That you’re busy, and you don’t even know these people. More and more I’m tuning into these moments and noticing a certain feeling, a slight wave of uneasiness that says I probably could have done more.

Because hand in hand with generosity is gratitude. Being grateful for all that I have and I am, and knowing that the least I can do is pay it forward. Tuning in to the present moment and noticing those little windows that briefly open, for me to reach out and open even more.

Oh sure, I’ll be walking down the street on my lunch break and appreciate the sunshine on my face. Or I’ll open the fridge for a snack and feel thankful that I have the means to keep it full. But I want more than those fleeting moments — I want the grace to live gratefully, every day. And perhaps then the generosity will come more freely.

“We can do no great things,

only small things with great love.”

– Mother Teresa            

What’s been on your mind lately?