I love love love this watch. I’m getting really into rose gold these days — it’s warm and romantic and a nice change from the silver tones I typically wear.

That said, I don’t actually OWN any rose gold pieces yet, but I have fallen in love with this watch. I even asked D if he’d like to get it for me as an early birthday gift. (Note: my birthday is in October. But don’t you think this would be perfect for summer?)

I have a hard time finding accessories I love (or can afford), and I’m not usually the type to think outside the box and come up with chic, fresh combinations of bangles and fashion necklaces. But I’m realizing more and more how a nice accessory, whether a hair clip or stacked bracelets or a brooch, can really elevate your look and make you look so put together. Especially when it’s something of quality, and perhaps a wee bit of a splurge.

It’d sure be nice to treat myself to something this spring, and I think I know just what I’d pick :)

Do you have anything in mind to update your wardrobe this spring?