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It’s been a fun weekend over here (though still a little too chilly for my taste). Friday we had a pizza dinner in the neighborhood, then Saturday we got up and spring cleaned the apartment. We were having a friend come stay with us that night, and usually that’s the kick in the pants we need to get things in order. We make a pretty good team – I’m great with a sponge and spray cleaner and tackled everything from the bathroom to the microwave to the windows, while D has some mean broom skills and much more patience for organizing.

We also went for an early afternoon run and made it through 8.5 miles. We’re training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon which has totally crept up on us (it’s next month). Considering this was the first time we’d run more than 5 miles since before the wedding, we were very happy to make it home with energy to spare! That evening we went to happy hour with our visiting friends and then to my first Brooklyn Nets game. We were in the second to last row, but probably spent as much time wandering the arena — really cool, you can definitely see Jay-Z’s touch — and eating as we did sitting. It was a fun time.

Brooook-lyn, let's go

Brooook-lyn, let’s go

Today, like many Sundays, is made for laundry, grocery shopping, making progress on my stack of magazines and cooking a big warm cozy dinner. But what makes today extra special is the MAD MEN PREMIERE! Makes me a very happy girl. And today’s Sunday Reading is going to be my book — called The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Really unique writing style and story. So on that note, I’m going to go make myself some tea and curl up for the next few hours…hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday, too!

What’s been the highlight of your weekend?