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New ImageAfter wanting a Clarisonic for about a year, I finally got one last month. It wasn’t cheap, and I wasn’t really sure I needed it, but it got such glowing reviews. I have pretty decent skin, with a rare breakout here or there, but I have my problem areas with clogged pores. So, after going to Macy’s and discovering they don’t actually sell Clarisonics in stores, I ordered a little blue one.

I’ve been using it for about a month now, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. The first week and a half, I used it every day. It certainly felt like it was doing something, and was even a little ticklish. But then after a few days, I started to break out. It was nothing terrible, just a few spots and red bumps here and there that easily covered with makeup, but I was a little wary. I looked it up, and apparently some people do experience this — the idea being that the deep cleansing is bringing all kinds of crud to the surface. Hmmm, not sure about that one, but okay. I also found some comments pointing to the idea that frequent use could thin your skin in the long-term. Yikes!

The Verdict?
The last two weeks, I’ve cut back to using the Clarisonic twice a week. It seems to have made things better; there are still a few random new spots each day, but they’re minor, and my blackheads do seem improved. I’m going to keep using it for another month or so, just two times a week, and see if things keep improving (and then get better than where I was before).

I seem to be unlucky in beauty/skincare products — the ones people rave about often do nothing for me. The things that actually work rarely appear on any most-loved lists. But I had (have?) high hopes for this one, so hopefully it will buck the trend.

Note: This is not a sponsored post — thoughts and opinions are fully my own.

If you’ve tried the Clarisonic, what you do think? Any go-to skincare products to recommend?