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Easter is one of my very favorite days of the year. I love going to Mass in the morning, with all the singing, the crowded pews, the elevated sense of celebration, and the promise of a good ham dinner and lots of family in the afternoon. I love that the focus of this holiday isn’t on presents, but on love and redemption. Hopefully, I come to that day feeling a little lighter, a little emptier and wrung-out from the season prior, and ready to be renewed and refilled.

For Lent this year I gave up sitting on the subway. This got a bit of a laugh out of some people, but in my view it is both doing something nice for others by giving them your seat (which, on the crowded east side subway line I take, is a coveted commodity), and a bit of burden for myself.  It makes me thankful for legs that will hold me (and a purse and a gym bag) steady, for the fact that I have a job that I go to and from every morning and evening, and for the knowledge that life isn’t about being comfortable, especially when there are others who aren’t.

We’ll be heading to see my family on Friday, then up to D’s family Saturday for the rest of the weekend. We’ll be partaking in Easter egg hunts, opening Easter baskets, and enjoying more than one spring cocktail, I’m sure. Looks like the weather *might* even get into the 50s!

What’s your favorite holiday, and what makes it so special for you?