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I can’t believe Easter is just a week away (and I’m pretty sure my office is closed Friday – 3-day weekend!). It feels too cold to be almost Easter Sunday, and it’s going to take some thinking to figure out what to wear. Black tights and a cardigan seem a little much for a holiday associated with pastels.

This weekend has been relaxing, and we even managed to pull together a full corned beef dinner yesterday, since we were away last weekend during *real* St. Patrick’s Day. Today will be a time for finishing the last three thank notes from our wedding (I know, I know, way to drag it out; in fairness these gifts have all come in the last month or so), hitting up our neighborhood coffee-and-cinnamon-bun shop, and doing a little bit of work so Monday morning isn’t a blur. Hope you’re enjoying today, too!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

  • Two completely amazing stories of medical innovation: the first was news of a new therapy for leukemia patients, using their own white blood cells, that led to remission within days, via The New York Times (link)
  • The second, from the Wall Street Journal, talked about new advances in growing human organs, from noses to hearts (link)
  • A jumbled text message could be more than just autocorrect – it could be a sign (or the ONLY sign) of a stroke, reported by Slate (link)
  • Vampire Weekend has a new song/music video out, featuring New York, that’s been making the blog rounds. It’s very catchy, per usual, and yes, you actually do have to “read” it (link)

Has spring arrived where you are? Do you have any plans for next weekend?