Wedding bells are ringing again! Not for me — luckily this marriage is still going strong — but for my younger sister.

She’s getting married in September, less than a year after I did. She’s already picked out her dress (true story: we got our dresses on the same weekend a year apart, both the third dress we tried on at the first bridal shop. Meant to be), and this coming weekend we’re shopping for the bridesmaids dresses. It’s a fairly big wedding party (6 on each side) so hopefully the girls are all in the mood to compromise!

She and her fiancé are fairly young (23 + 24 eek!) but they started dating the day after my husband and I did, so why wait? We’ve gotten to know them a lot as a couple over the last ~6 years and they’re pretty darn cute together. There’s also something thrilling about going through life milestones right along with your sister.

I will say I’m not so keen on the title of “Matron of Honor” — how OLD and grandmotherly does THAT sound? — but I’ll gladly play the role.

Back in the day

Here we are, back in the day ^^

I’m starting to brainstorm bachelorette party ideas — any suggestions?