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I took this picture laying on a blanket at the park a couple summers ago. Even though my apartment’s immediate surroundings are more “concrete” than “leafy greenery,” I am lucky to be a short walk from a huge park. It’s great for running, but over the last year we’ve started using it just for running — and this spring it’ll be time to change that.

As I keep saying, last year was sort of an anomaly. We were planning a wedding, and that (plus a job) does not leave very much time for relaxing. On the rare weekend we were home with no big plans, we squeezed in a quick jog to the park, then spent the rest of the day doing important things like laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning the bathroom (seriously, that last one is pretty important).

But TWO years ago, we were in that park all the time! So, as the days get longer (thanks daylight savings time!) here is my daydreamy list of things I want to do in the park this summer:

  • Make a pitcher of Tom Collins and sit in the grass for the sunset
  • Buy some fresh Brooklyn bagels, a pint of strawberries, and tall iced coffees and enjoy Sunday brunch; also, do a crossword
  • Start a book club and hold meetings on a picnic blanket
  • Walk through the meadow holding hands
  • READ lots and lots of books laying down
  • Attend more than one evening concert in the band shell
  • Play frisbee, bocce and catch
  • Meet friends there, on a work night, just because
  • Wear the straw hat I bought for my honeymoon, so I don’t feel bad about having spent all that money on a hat
  • Talk about the future, make plans, lose track of time until it’s dark and the firefires are starting to come out
  • Reapply sunscreen, often

Do you have big summer plans?