A weekend at home with few plans can seem so luxurious. We lazed about, took some walks, and made more muffins — I think that is becoming a Sunday tradition. We also did a lot reading. I have been flying through my library books recently! Currently I’m about halfway done with John Irving’s latest, In One Person. 

In other reading news, here are some articles I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • Big news, guys — Girl Meets World is well on it’s way to being cast. I am one of the many with Boy Meets World nostaliga, so I’m looking forward to this one, via TV Line (link)
  • Fresh on the heels of going to the DMV to change my name, I saw this essay about a couple who chose a totally new last name for both of them on The Atlantic (link)
  • TIME reports that teens are spending less time on Facebook and more on medium-specific platforms like Twitter and Instagram, for reasons including they don’t like reading all the things on their newsfeed and they think it’s lame that all their relatives are on it. There’s so much I could say right now, but I’ll just say good – Facebook is for those of us who joined back in the stone age of 2004! (link)
  • And from The Onion, a look at the cute little Bostonians who pretend to live in a ‘Big City’ (link)

    **disclaimer: I lived in Boston for 4 years for college and loved it; I still found this article to be hilarious

What have you been reading this week? Any recent book recommendations?