We were supposed to be wrapping up a weekend skiing in the Catskills today, but those plans got canceled on account of a blizzard. So instead, we saw a movie, cleaned the apartment and made margaritas.

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

  • It was apparently World Nutella Day on Tuesday. If I had known that, my lunch would have been much different. Here’s 11 Nutella recipes from A Cup of Jo (link)
  • Tips for making small talk while networking from The Glass Hammer (link)
  • I had just been wondering if wearing a helmet while skiing interferes with peripheral vision, and The New York Times comes out with the answer (link)
  • And if you’re a woman who’s been looking for the perfect pen, or could just use a good laugh, check out the reviews for the new BIC for Her Pens on Amazon (link)

Anything to add? Leave it in the comments!