I really enjoy baking. Husband is the cook of the family, I am the baker. I love the feeling of turning ordinary ingredients (all-purpose flour, how much more basic can you get?) into sweet, delectable treats. And surprisingly, although I am not a perfectionist in this area (1/8 tsp? close enough) everything comes out better than I expected.


So, a cold weekend at home called for a couple new treats. While husband focused on the Super Bowl dinner, I concentrated on breakfast and dessert.

For breakfast, I whipped up oat bran raisin muffins. These were intended to double as mid-morning snacks throughout the work week, and so far they continue to be filling and delicious. Here’s the recipe I used: Oat Bran Muffins

Then, I turned to one of my favorite cookies – snickerdoodles. Funny enough, I did not yet have a go-to recipe for these. But I found one that’s perfectly tart and perfectly cinnamon-y: Snickerdoodles III

It was a great Sunday.

What’s your favorite thing to bake? I’m always looking for new recipes!