If you can believe it, I have the same breakfast every. single. weekday: Cereal.

daily breakfast

I know there are other wonder breakfasts out there, like oatmeal or eggs. I know it’s recommended to get a mix of fats and fruits along with the fiber and dairy. But I just can’t help wanting cereal – a little bit of sweet, a satisfying crunch, and cold, refreshing milk.

I do try switching it up on occasion, with peanut butter toast or a bagel sandwich. My stomach just won’t have it.

I actually never ate breakfast until college, which is when I started this breakfast rut routine. Multi Grain Cheerios it was, back then. At least I’ve gotten better and now have a different kind of cereal each week. And I do go for the high fiber, low sugar types! On weekends we’ll turn to eggs, or pancakes or something sort-of fancy like yogurt with granola and berries. But cereal is just so easy for workday mornings that I don’t anticipate breaking my habit anytime soon.

What’s your typical weekday breakfast? And fellow cereal lovers, what’s you favorite kind?