I was reading a blog earlier this week, and came across a comment that asked, “why go on vacation somewhere, when you can just live there?”

IMG_0472It made me think of all the times I’ve traveled and decided I was in the ideal place to live (or at least retire): Paris, Puerto Rico, Maui, San Francisco, even Cape Cod.  I remember sitting on beaches; walking down crowded streets; appreciating warm, tropical air on my skin (while I knew it was snowing back home); and feeling so content. I loved my world at those moments, and felt a touch of envy when I heard locals talking about how often they enjoyed these same areas.

But how would you choose just one? Clearly I fall in love with every place I visit (vacation mentality could be to blame). And some may say that I, in New York, already live in one of these captivating places.

I love the idea of that comment, and it’s stuck with me for days. The whole notion of doing and seizing the day instead of wishing and putting off. But really, every place has it’s own charms…and maybe if you had to live all the ups and downs of life there, it wouldn’t be quite as magical. So, I’ll keep the allure alive — and just visit as often as I can.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?