Having MLK Jr. Day off from work is a real treat. You aren’t quite done lamenting that the holidays are actually, officially over and voilà — a three-day weekend comes along to cheer you up. This one for me was one of the best kinds: the kind where you Have No Plans. Couple that with beautiful (hello, 50 degrees and sunny) weather in New York and it was just what I needed.

Friday was spent at a local bar (named after the villain in my favorite Disney film…Sea Witch…so clearly a favorite) with a fried clam sandwich and a couple beers. Then Saturday, after the husband and I slept 10 hours to make up for a busy week, we went running in the park! Planning a wedding last year majorly threw off our running routine, and we’re excited to get back to it. Dinner was at a swanky joint in Williamsburg and it was de-lic-ious. Something you should know about us: we love good food.

Sunday’s main events included watching football, making a vat-worth of chili, baking cornbread and chocolate chip cookies, and getting around to some organizing projects at home that have been building up (quite literally, in the form of cardboard boxes). We capped off the weekend with some reading and errands — I can’t believe we’ve managed to live without a napkin holder and welcome mat for so long.

What did you do last weekend? Hope you had the day off, too!